In the next 5 years, 5G handsets will have more than 4G: Report

New Delhi: Testing of 5G (5G) technology around the world is underway. There will soon be more than 5G mobile phones from 4G (4G) phones worldwide.
According to Global Technology Market Analysis Company Canalis, in the next 5 years, the number of 5G Hanset numbers will be 4G phones in the world. According to the report, 80 million 5G handsets will be purchased by 2023. The total smartphone shipments will be 51.4 percent. By the end of 2023, a total of 190 million 5 handsets would have been sent worldwide. Most phones will be bought in China, 34 percent of the total shipments will be sent to China in the 5G handset. In North America, 18.8% and 17.4% shipments in Asia Pacific will be sent. Due to US and Chinese government policies, the 5G services will be started soon. Prior to the scheduled time a year ago 5G licenses have been given. World's 5th Equipment Suppliers and Smartphone Vendors live in China, due to which more than 5 aggressive marketing will happen in the next few years. 17.5% of China's smartphones sent to China will be ready for 5G by 2020. By 2023 the figure is expected to increase to 61.7%. According to the report, the availability of 5G smartphones will not get a faster speed guarantee. For this, we have to implement 5G services well. According to Canal's Mobility Vice President Nicole Peng, the expansion of the 5G services will be more difficult than 4G. This will bring more pressure on N-Telecom operators, who are already in danger.

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